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Inspired by the difficulties faced by teachers and parents while trying to make children learn Abacus and realization of the value of learning it, Abacus n Vedic Math has developed and designed a unique method to teach Abacus for basic mathematical calculations with great speed and accuracy. AVM involved in the process of developing the program has prepared it in such a way that even a below average student would be able to perform without difficulties.

Abacus has been proved very much helpful in giving children a very strong foundation which not only benefits in mathematical calculations but also enhances concentration power.

Abacus is a worldwide tested tool to perform basic mathematical calculations with great speed and accuracy without using pen, paper or calculator. AVM developed a unique method of learning Abacus.

Age group for Abacus classes is 5 to 14 years.

Abacus N Vedic Maths classes are currently running in the USA, Singapore, New Zealand, Norway, Australia, Malaysia, Togo (West Africa), etc.

Individual class for each student.

We provide 2 hours (1 hour= (45mins-60mins) classes per week. 

Package includes 8 hours.

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Parul Srivastava

Parul Srivastava is an experienced teacher taking abacus and vedic maths classes since 13 years.

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  • We provide Abacus classes for 5 to 14 years of age. Individual class for each student. Package includes 8 hours.

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