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Vasantotsav - A Specially Curated Concert by Rahul Deshpande


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Let us embark on a musical journey!

Indulge in the mesmerising performance by maestro Rahul Deshpande at “Vasantotsav - Berlin”, 6-9pm June 18, 2022 at Babylon, Berlin.

This music concert is part of the music festival, which was started in the memory of Pandit Vasantrao Deshpande. Since he was proficient in numerous genres of music, this concert stays true to his spirit by ensuring that there is no restriction on the genre, style or language of the performances.

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  • 18 Jun 2022 to 18 Jun 2022
  • 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM UTC

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Let's take you on a musical journey!

€ 22.5

  • Celebrate the legacy made by Pandit Vasantrao Deshpande to the diverse genres of music at Vasantotsav - Berlin.

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