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Conference Visa


Date07 Sep 2021


You should apply for a Conference Visa for India when planning to attend a conference, a seminar or a workshop. Before applying for this type of visa as a Regular Visa, please consider the option of the e-Conference Visa. The process of getting an e-Visa is much easier! 

Nevertheless, if you choose the Regular Visa for a conference in India, we will guide you through the process in this article. First of all, you should find out which Indian Mission in Germany is responsible for your application. Furthermore, you will find all the necessary information regarding your application on the official websites of the visa agencies in Berlin and München and the ones in Frankfurt and Hamburg

For obtaining the Conference Visa for India, the conference, seminar or workshop has to fulfill certain criteria. Therefore, the event must be organised by one of the following: 

  • an Indian Ministry or a department of a Ministry
  • a company of the public sector
  • a central educational institution
  • a state funded university
  • a governmental institution or an institution supervised by the government (central government of India/ state government of India/ government of a Union Territory or the United Nations)

All conferences, seminars and workshops organised by a NGO need to show a specific approval by the responsible Ministry of the central or state government

Besides the duly filled online form, a valid passport and at least two biometric photos you need the following documents for the application of a Conference Visa for India: an invitation letter from the organisers, a cover letter from the organisation you will be representing (including a statement to cover all the expenses during the trip), an approval letter for the event from the Ministry of Home Affairs, from the Ministry in charge of the event, from the Ministry of External Affairs and from the state government of the state in which the event takes place. 

Usually the Conference Visa for India has a validity which only covers the duration of the conference, the seminar or the workshop

We hope this article helps you to understand the requirements and will help you to obtain your Conference Visa for India. Please share your experiences with the Conference Visa in the comments section below. 

Status of Information as of July 2021 (for recent updates please check https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/)

Written by: Tanja Holbe

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