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Date07 Sep 2021


What is the Entry Visa?

The Entry Visa for India has quite a confusing name since we are all looking to enter India with whatever visa we have. The Entry Visa falls into the category of Regular Visa. You can apply for the visa if you are a German citizen with an Indian spouse, if you are a child of an Indian national (only up to the age of 14 years) or if you are of Indian origin. Furthermore, you will get an Entry Visa for India if you are planning to live in Auroville. Similarly you are eligible for the Entry Visa if you are a missionary of a charitable organisation, a temple or other approved organisations. The Embassy of India will also grant this type of visa for other purposes which can take longer than the usual 3-5 working days

Before applying for the Entry Visa you should find out which of the Indian Missions is responsible for your application according to where in Germany you are registered. Please refer to the official websites of the visa agencies in Berlin and München and in Frankfurt and Hamburg as well

As for all Regular Visa applications you need the duly filled online form, a valid passport and at least two biometric photographs. Additionally, you will be asked to bring certain other documents depending on your purpose of travel. 


If you are applying for the Entry Visa as a spouse of an Indian national, you will be asked to produce the marriage certificate, the passport and a copy of it of your Indian spouse. It is mandatory that your name is entered in the passport of your spouse. If that is not the case you need to additionally provide a notarised marriage certificate by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. 

If you are applying for the Entry Visa on behalf of a child who did not complete his or her 14th year of age, you have to provide the original passport of both parents (one Indian and one German parent) as well as a copy of each passport. Additionally, you need a copy of the birth certificate and a registration proof of the family in Germany (Familienmeldebescheinigung). In some cases the marriage certificate is required as well. In an additional declaration (Zusatzerklärung) both parents have to state the validity of the visa application. 

If you are applying for the Entry Visa because you are planning to live in Auroville or as a missionary in a temple or another organisation you will need the following documents for your application: An invitation letter of the organisation in India as well as proof of their registration in India. As a missionary you will also need a cover letter from the organisation in Germany which is sending you to India. 

Applicants who own land in India or intend to buy land need an approval letter from the Reserve Bank of India

If you are applying in Frankfurt and you are of Indian origin you need to provide a Surrender Certificate

Usually, the Entry Visa for India is free of charge although the processing costs can be applicable. 

After entering India on an Entry Visa you have to register with the local authorities (FFRO/ FRO) within 14 days after arrival

We hope we could help you with that article. If you still have any questions or want to share your experiences with the Entry Visa for India, please feel free to write to us. We really appreciate your feedback, it will help us to improve our services.

Status of Information as of July 2021(for recent updates please check: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/)

Written by: Tanja Holbe

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