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How to get funding for a family vacation after COVID


Date07 Apr 2022


The global pandemic has changed the daily lives of a lot of people. Especially families and those who have to take care of their relatives had to juggle working at home, helping with online school and fulfilling their duties regarding caretaking. That’s why the German government has introduced a programme to facilitate a family vacation affordable for everyone. The programme is called “Corona-Auszeit” (Corona Timeout) and you apply for it until the 31st of Dec, 2022. 

Read all about the “Corona-Auszeit” programme here (in German, English or French). 

Who is eligible for the “Corona-Auszeit”? 

Generally, the programme is designed for families with little income and/ or family members who are differently abled. Apart from your income, the conditions are that you have to be registered as living in Germany and that you are eligible for children’s allowance (Kindergeld). 

Check your eligibility here! 

Where can you go on vacation? 

There are a lot of accommodation options included in the programme. Find all the options in this map of Germany. In the programme the accommodations are fairly cheap to ensure that families who otherwise could not afford a vacation have a chance to take a timeout. 

In the coming weeks a lot more accommodation options will be added to the programme. So check the website regularly. You can filter them according to your preferences and you can contact them directly to check the availability for the time you wish to go on the vacation. 

We hope this programme gives you and your family a chance to escape the stress and have some relaxing days. Do you have any more questions? Let us know in the comments or via email to [email protected]!

Written by: Tanja Holbe 

Cover Photo: Aliko Sunawang - Unsplash

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