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Film Visa for India


Date29 Nov 2021


For all film projects, you need to apply for a film visa at the relevant Indian representation. Documentaries require additional forms. After entering India, you must register with the local authorities (FRRO) within 14 days, provided your stay in India exceeds six months.

In addition to the completed application form, two photographs and your passport,

you will need the following documents for the film visa: four copies of your detailed script if it is a feature film. If you are planning a TV show or series, the consulate requires a detailed concept from you. You must also provide a detailed description of your film crew and the locations you plan to shoot as well as a list of the film equipment you will be taking to India.

You also need to write a letter of intent that clarifies the shooting of the movie in India. What is your production schedule? What are the intended shooting dates? 

For Hamburg and Frankfurt, please visit https://igcsvisa.de/filmvisum/ for more details.

Applicants from Berlin and Munich can find more information at http://ivs-germany.com/GER/FilmVisa.aspx.   

We would be happy if you shared your experiences of obtaining a film visa for India with us at [email protected] or in the comments below!

Last Update: 24.05.2021

Written by: Antje Stiebitz

Photo Credit: Ananya Singh

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