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Finding Accommodation in Germany


Date17 Sep 2021


Finding Accommodation in Germany 

Accommodation is a very important aspect when you are relocating to Germany and finding one can sometimes be quite challenging. It is not only important to have a home for yourself but it is equally important to have a registered address for all official purposes, for example for all communication with your university, employer or your bank. There are several available options depending on your requirement: you can find yourself a single room, a shared apartment, called WG, or an apartment to yourself. Let us guide you through the options available when you are looking for a home in Germany. 

For students

If you are a student you should start looking for accommodation as soon as your place in your course is confirmed by the university. For students two types of accommodation are the most common. The first option where you can rent a place in Studierendenwerk is very economical. This is a state-run non-profit organization that handles student affairs in Germany. Their main aim is to provide public services to the students enrolled at various German universities. They are organized at local levels to facilitate services in one or more universities. The second option is a private accommodation which is slightly more on the expensive side.  You should contact the international office at your university or higher education institution to give you guidance about the accommodation options in the German city where you are going to study and live. If you are, for example, travelling for education to my city in Germany, which is Berlin, you have the option to book a room at a Studentendorf. These are student villages in Berlin that provide accommodation to students studying at one of the German universities  (public and private both) in Berlin. You can visit their website directly and fill out the inquiry form with your preferred room choices and location (Schlachtensee or Adlershof). They will get back to you either with room offers or immediate rejection if they do not have any vacant room available. 

Similar options are available in another big German city, Munich. Studentenapartments München and YOUNIQ München are two such private accommodation providers for students moving to Munich for their higher studies. But any German university city will offer you affordable options for students.

For student housing options in major university cities in Germany, please check the following websites:

www.stw.berlin/en/housing.html  if you are looking for accommodation in Berlin

studentenwerk-muenchen.de/en/student-accommodation/ if you are looking for accommodation in Munich

studierendenwerk-aachen.de/en/housing/html if you are looking for accommodation in Aachen

https://www.studentenwerk.uni-heidelberg.de  if you are looking for accommodation in Heidelberg

https://www.studierendenwerk-hamburg.de if you are looking for accommodation in Hamburg

https://www.swfr.de if you are looking for accommodation in Freiburg

studenten-wohnen.net  for student accommodation

Tip: Whichever German university city you are travelling to type Studentenwerk with the city name and you will be redirected to your local student union.

For working professionals

If you are a working professional, the best option for you is probably to get yourself a flat or a shared flat which you could share with your colleagues. 

It is advisable for you to start looking for accommodation options before coming to Germany. Some of the popular websites are listed below:

For rental apartments:

For shared flats and fully furnished rooms:

inberlinwohnen.de/ (only for accommodation in Berlin)

Please note that apart from the WG-Suche, all the other websites provide information only in German. So be sure to keep translation handy for your clear understanding. 

It is very important to keep in mind that while looking for accommodation in Germany, you have to ensure to have certain documents ready for your potential landlord or accommodation provider. Most of the landlords here in Germany ask for your ID proof (Passport, Visa, Residence Permit, etc), your proof of regular income (salary slip of last three months) and a Schufa or Credit Score. Until and unless you submit these documents, your chances of getting an accommodation are very limited. As the rental market in Germany (especially in the big cities) is extremely competitive, you need to be well prepared (make sure to have all the required documents) and also very fast when applying for accommodation. 

Apart from the above mentioned websites social media might be helpful too. Many people post their queries (including accommodation) and if you are lucky social media might be the solution for you. Facebook groups like ‘Indians in Berlin’, ‘Indians in Munich’, ‘Berlin Housing’ etc. have helped many people find accommodation after their relocation to Germany.

And you could of course always hire a real estate agent or Makler. They will do the home search for you. But their fees are quite expensive.

So, are you planning to relocate to Germany? Don’t wait too long and make sure to look for  accommodation as soon as possible for experiencing the best stay in the land of beers. See you soon in Germany!

Written by: Sanchari Banerjee

Photo: Unsplash

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