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How much gold can you carry from India to Germany?


Date12 Apr 2022


Do you wonder how much gold you can carry from India to Germany? We have the answers in this article! 

Germany has very clear customs rules. So when entering Germany from a non-EU country (like India) as a private person, there are customs rules for all kinds of items. You can check the regulations here

Please note that all the goods you carry with you in the same transportation are considered to be eligible for customs duty. There are different duties and exempt amounts according to the means of transport you choose. Additionally, your age plays a role, as children are not allowed to carry certain goods and the value limit on the items they can carry is lower. 

All items you carry should be for personal use only. That also includes people from your household. Items which you are planning to give as a present are allowed as well. You can’t bring items which are intended for sale. If you do, you need a special import permit!

When travelling by plane or ship, for gold in the form of jewellery there is a limit of a value of EUR 430. When using other means of transport and entering via Switzerland, the value limit is EUR 300. Whatever falls below the limit you can bring to Germany without a special customs duty. If you exceed the limit you have to pay customs duty and tax. 

Use this calculator to find out how much customs duty and tax you have to pay when bringing gold jewellery worth more than EUR 430 (or EUR 300). 

We hope this article will help you with the question of how much gold you can bring. If you have further questions, please comment below, get connected in the New2 FORUM or contact us directly at [email protected]

Written by: Tanja Holbe 

Cover Photo: Mayank Gehlot - Unsplash

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