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How to find a flat in New Delhi?


Date20 Aug 2021


If you are looking for a flat in New Delhi, you can already start your search from Germany. Just like here, there are several web portals for flats in Indian cities, such as


https://www.nestaway.com or 


As soon as you have registered with one of the portals, you will receive offers. You can enter your preferences in the search mask: the preferred neighbourhood, the number of rooms, furnished, partly furnished or unfurnished. Unfortunately, the square metre information is usually missing. Most flat offers include photos, but it is still advisable - if possible - to visit the flat once.

The agent's fee is usually one month rent, the deposit one or even two months rent. It is helpful if you can get a recommendation of an estate agent from friends or colleagues. The agent can show you a number of flats right away and this speeds up the search process immensely.

It's worth paying attention to a few things: Where does the water come from when you turn on the tap? Often the water is pumped into a tank on the roof with the help of a motor. This works well for the most part, but sometimes leads to complications. Where does the gas for cooking come from? Ideally, there should be a gas pipe, but this is rare. Usually you get a gas cylinder in the house, to which you can then connect your cooker. A phone call is all it takes and a ‘gas man’ will change the cylinder. 

Make sure that the flat can be cooled sufficiently with fans and/or AC. Summer in Delhi is long and hot. Perhaps there is already air conditioning in the flat? At least there should be a possibility for you to install one. A penthouse, called a barsati in Delhi, is attractive but difficult to cool during the long summer months. Also consider the cost of electricity needed for cooling. You should ask around how often the power goes out in the area you have chosen to live. Regular power cuts make life difficult. Please also consider whether the flat you have chosen can withstand the monsoon season, because the rains during the monsoon are heavy and can go on for days.

Water, gas and electricity are usually not included in the rental prices. It is worth asking how much these payments will be. You also have to include waste disposal in the running costs. Usually, a person for waste disposal collects the rubbish right away from you. Or you can leave your rubbish bin outside your door.

If you choose to live in a partially or unfurnished flat, you will probably need furniture and other things. In a city like Delhi, there are countless options. The furniture market in Amar Colony in the Rajpat Nagar district might be of interest to you. Whether desks, shelves, chairs or lamps, antique or newly made - you can find almost everything here. In the spacious halls of the Panchkuian Furniture Market just off Connaught Place, the selection is even greater. However, there are also more cheap goods on offer. The furniture portal https://www.urbanladder.com can also be helpful. If you buy furniture at the market, it will be delivered directly to your home for an extra charge.

If you are looking for plants for your room, balcony or garden, you are sure to find the right greenery at the Kataria Nursery - right next to the famous Humayun’s Tomb.

If you keep these points in mind while searching for a flat in New Delhi you should be on the safe side. Feel free to share your experience and advice for finding a flat with us!

Written by: Antje Stiebitz

Cover Photo: Delhi Skyline during sunset (Credit: Dewang Gupta - Unsplash)

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