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How to increase your chances to receive job offers in Germany


Date15 Jan 2022


Are you wondering why you haven't received any job interview invites yet? You've been applying for months, but you either receive a rejection or no answer at all? These are typical questions that every applicant asks themselves.

Are you an analytical person?

Most of you have studied, please correct me if I'm mistaken. It means, you're highly qualified staff and you have learned how to be analytical. Now, I want you to be analytical with your job application process as well.

What do you do when you're doing an experiment or testing and you don't receive the expected results? Well, first and foremost, you're frustrated and at times even angry. Now, is not the time to quit.

You might want to take a little break, simply a pause to do some self-care. And then, once you feel like you've filled up your energy tanks again, I highly recommend for you to evaluate what you have done so far.

5 common reasons for rejections

Normally, when applicants receive rejections only or when they don't hear anything back from the recruiters, there are five common reasons:

1. Your application documents don't meet the German standard. (That's the most common mistake.)

2. You are not following up with the recruiters after 15 working days. (Sometimes, recruiters use this as an entry obstacle to find out whether an applicant is really interested in the position and calls.)

3. You're not the right fit for the position.

4. You didn't address all of the aspects they asked for in your application, e.g. salary expectation or start date.

5. The position has been filled internally and there is nothing you could have done in the first place.

Obviously, I could list even more typical mistakes, but these five are the most common ones. So what can you do now?

What to do now?

I recommend for you to participate in this upcoming workshop:

29th January 2022 Live Webinar on How to create an ideal profile for job opportunities in Germany (CV key points). In this workshop, I'll discuss the differences between International CVs/résumés and a CV that is aligned to the German labour market. We'll take a look at different CV examples and what you should improve in order to increase your chances of actually getting invited to a job interview with a German employer.

This workshop is designed for you so that you can raise questions and get hands-on advice from me, Lisa Janz - Job Coach Germany. this will help you to dramatically improve your application so that you can increase the chances that a recruiter will actually read your application documents.

The Germans are bureaucracy lovers and we like to follow rules, hence we even have rules for our job application documents. Come along to the workshop to learn more about those. I'm very much looking forward to meeting you on the 29th January.


Lisa Janz - Job Coach Germany

p.s. In case any of you need individual help urgently, go to the events page and book a 2 hour individual coaching session with me. A few spots are still available.