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Importance of learning the German language


Date31 Aug 2021


You are in Germany but you do not speak German? You might think that’s all right. But actually it is not.

 The knowledge of German is beneficial if not necessary to you in many ways. If you have decided to move to Germany for the purpose of studies, work, exchange programmes, it is recommended, sometimes even compulsory to have a basic knowledge of the German language. The German language is rated among the top four languages in the world after English, French and Mandarin. So, what’s the harm in learning it?

 We have listed down some compelling reasons why knowledge of the German language is necessary or at least helpful.

Finding work and studying in Germany

First and foremost, it increases your chances of landing your dream job in Germany. 

Yes, making a career is one of the most important objectives in almost every individual’s life. Hence, finding a job in Germany with knowledge of the German language can boost your career. Alternatively, if you want to work for a German company in your home country, basic knowledge of German can help you land one.

For example, if you are looking for jobs in the healthcare sector in Germany, the knowledge of German language is a must. Knowledge of the B1 or B2 level of the German language may be required from a certified institute to land your dream job in the healthcare sector in Germany.  while on the other hand, knowledge of the A1 level of the German language is required if you are visiting Germany on a Spouse Visa. 

It is also possible for you to start learning the German language while you are still in India. It can be a challenging task to find the right language school but be aware to learn from the certified schools whose certificates are recognised by the Federal Republic of Germany while applying for a visa from India. The Goethe-Institute is one such school whose certificate is recognised worldwide

If you are studying in Germany, it is best if the course is fully taught in German. It increases your job opportunities post studies and if you choose a study program taught fully in English, you would be able to notice the importance of German language while entering the job market. 


Germany is well known for its amalgamation of local and global traditions. Germany proudly boasts of its economic capital Frankfurt am Main, the start-up abode Berlin, the harbours of Hamburg and the industrial hubs in Stuttgart and Munich.

 You can survive in main cities without speaking the language but you might run into problems when you visit smaller cities and towns where German is the only spoken language. Examples: e.g. finding your way (street signs), buying tickets from vending machines, ordering in restaurants where the waiters don’t speak English and the menu is in German only. It will decrease your chances of integration as you would not be able to communicate with the locals in their local language. 


The most important role as a foreigner in Germany is integration because until and unless you integrate, you will not feel at home while residing in a foreign country. With the knowledge of German, you can educate yourself about the extensive cultural heritage of Germany.

 It would be really easy for you to know about the rich German history when you are on a tour of the many magnificent castles, for example. It is difficult to find English speaking tour guides especially in smaller towns and cities. Hence, it is best if you possess the basic German language knowledge to learn about the culture more. 

You can also make new friends in Germany. Germans are considered to be welcoming and if you show the effort to speak their language, they will welcome you whole-heartedly. 

Have I convinced you? If yes, click on the links below to find the course that best suits you. Happy Learning!

Written by: Sanchari Banerjee

Photo by: Canva

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