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Journalist Visa for India


Date29 Nov 2021


If you want to work as a journalist or photographer in India, you can apply for a journalist visa, which is issued for a maximum of three months.

As always, the application form must be filled in online and printed out. Additionally, you need two passport photos and your passport. You must also indicate the airports from which you wish to enter or leave the country. You must furthermore list exactly which places you will be visiting on your trip and who will be accompanying you.

It is important that you have a letter from your editor stating the purpose of your trip to India.

If you are planning a holiday in India without journalistic purpose, you must write a letter of commitment that you will not do any journalistic work there. Journalists are dependent on clearance from the Indian Information and Press Department through the relevant consulates. Journalists are often invited for an explanatory interview.

For Hamburg and Frankfurt, you can find more details at http://igcsvisa.de/journalistenvisum/. For Berlin and München you can check http://www.ivs-germany.com/JournalistVisa.aspx.

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Last Update: 24.05.2021

Written by; Antje Stiebitz

Photo Credit: Ananya Singh

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