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Student Health Insurance in Germany


Date08 Nov 2021


Foreign students in Germany are required to have health insurance during their studies, by German law. You need proof of health insurance to get enrolled at a German university and to get your student visa. Students can get either public insurance or private health insurance. 

The good thing about being fully insured is the peace of mind knowing that if you happen to have health problems, you can go visit the doctor and get hospital services knowing that you won’t have to pay the large medical bills out of your own pocket. 

Find out how the German health insurance system works!

There are two types of health insurance in Germany: public and private. We recommend public insurance as it covers most of your health bills and you need not pay anything. Following we explain the differences between these types of insurances. 

Public health insurance 

Public Health Insurance or Statutory health insurance providers in Germany, such as TK (Techniker Krankenkasse) or AOK, are obliged to offer affordable tariffs to students up to the age of 30 or until the end of their 14th subject-related semester. The costs for students are usually around 95-115 EUR per month.  

Statutory health insurance covers all medical costs, including visits to your doctor, treatment in hospital, dental care, prescriptions and medications. Occasionally, you will be expected to pay small contributions towards the cost of the healthcare you receive. You can also choose optional extras for more comprehensive coverage, in exchange for higher premiums. 

Don’t know how to find a doctor in Germany? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Check out our article about finding a doctor in Germany!

Private Health Insurance  

Private insurance is available to those who are above the age of 30 or studying beyond their 14th semester. In exceptional circumstances, it is sometimes available to others (for instance, if you are not accepted by a statutory insurance scheme). The premiums are usually around 200 EUR a month but can be as cheap as 50 EUR for the most basic coverage. Legally, the coverage provided must be at the very least equivalent to that  offered by statutory insurance. You also have the option to purchase extras and control your voluntary excess.  

How to get a student health insurance 

Once you have determined the type of health insurance you want, it is best to compare insurance providers using a website like krankenkassen.de to see which offers the best cover. 

When you have chosen your provider, getting the insurance is usually as easy as filling out a quick form on their website with your personal details. You might also need some of the following:  

  • Valid ID, such as a passport (not a driving licence)  
  • Certificate of registration (if you already have one)
  • IBAN number for your German bank account 
  • Recent passport photo  
  • University acceptance Letter/ Matriculation letter  

You will usually have to print out the forms, sign them and send them in the post to the

insurance provider. You will receive a certificate of  insurance within a few weeks, which can be taken to your university as proof of coverage, to enable you to enroll. If you have chosen private health insurance, you may have to submit to a medical examination.  

If you find it complicated to fill in the form online you can receive it immediately by visiting the nearest insurance provider office. The staff there can help you fill out the form. 

Health insurance card  

Once you have a German health insurance, you will be issued a health insurance card (Krankenkassenkarte). It is important to present this card to your doctor, hospital, dentist or pharmacy so that they know you are covered by insurance and you do not have to pay upfront.  

In case of private insurance you will have to pay upfront and then the insurance provider will repay you depending on your policy. In many cases it’s 70-80% of the total cost. This process usually takes 2-4 weeks.  

Do you have any further questions or do you want to share your experience with us? Please don’t hesitate to write to us 

Written by: Yuva Germany

YUVA Germany is a student’s association which helps Indian Students with matters concerning studying, living and integrating in Germany. At the same time YUVA Germany provides these students with the opportunity to showcase their culture and to connect with others from India. New2 thanks YUVA Germany for their guest article. 

Cover Photo Credit: Christopher Boswell - Unsplash

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