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Student Visa for India


Date29 Nov 2021


The Student Visa for India has to be applied for as a Regular Visa at the responsible Indian Mission in Germany. If you’re not sure which mission is responsible for you according to where you are registered, please refer to our overview about how to apply for a visa for India. 

In this article we are giving you an insight into the application process for a Student Visa for India. Additionally, please check the official websites for Berlin and München and for Frankfurt and Hamburg. Regulations can change quickly and on these websites you will always find the latest information.  

The Student Visa is issued for different purposes. These are studying in a recognised school or university as well as obtaining a certified education in Indian forms of dance, Yoga or Ayurveda. In case your courses are only of a short duration, you might be also eligible for an e-Tourist Visa. Check here whether the conditions of your travel purpose apply to get an e-Visa. 

The Student Visa for India is issued for the duration of your studies or your education with a maximum validity of 5 years. 

You should also apply for a Student Visa, if you are planning an internship in India. For this purpose you can get a visa with a validity of up to 1 year. The following conditions apply for obtaining a visa for an internship: If the internship takes place at a company, you should get a minimum remuneration of 360000 INR per year (ca. 4000 EUR). If the internship takes place in a NGO or an educational institution, the regulation of a minimum remuneration does not apply. In both cases, you have to pay tax on your income according to the Indian tax regulations. Even if you apply for a Student Visa, the mission will issue an Intern Visa for you. 

The Student Visa is also granted for research work up to 3 years. Professors, teachers and scholars can obtain the visa for a visit at central educational institutions and state universities. Whether a Student Visa is granted for excursions with botanical, anthropological or other purposes will be dependent on the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs. 

In any case you are obliged to register at the local offices (FRRO/ FRO) within the first 14 days after arrival if you’re planning on staying longer than 180 days at a time in India. 

As per the requirements of all Regular Visas you need the duly filled online form, a valid passport and at least two biometric passport photos. Additionally, a copy of the student ID, the certificate of enrollment, and an invitation letter of the institution in India which states the duration of the planned studies or the internship is required. You will need to show proof of sufficient funds for the stay in India as well. 

For an internship you ought to include the certificate of registration of the company or the organisation in India. For research work you need a letter from your institute in Germany which states the necessity of your stay in India. 

If you are a minor at the time of your application, you need to include a letter of approval from your parents as well as their passports or IDs (Personalausweis), a declaration of suretyship and your birth certificate.

We have had different experiences with the Student Visa for India and we know this topic tends to incite discussions and raise questions. So please let us know your experiences with the student visa in the comments below or here [email protected]!

Last Update: 18.05.2021

Written by: Tanja Holbe

Photo Credit: Ananya Singh

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