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What is the cost of health insurance for students in Germany? II German Healthcare system!


Date06 Jan 2024


This video provides information about cost of health insurance for students and working options for students in Germany.

Health insurance in Germany for students can be either public or private. The costs for students tend to be more affordable compared to employed individuals, averaging around €130 per month. Despite the lower cost, students receive the same medical benefits and access to treatments as those paying higher premiums.

Regarding earning opportunities for students, there are several options available:

  1. Part-time jobs: Students can work up to 20 hours per week in a company, making them working students.
  2. Internships: Students can gain experience by doing internships related to their field of study.
  3. Research assistant positions: Some students work as research assistants at their universities.
  4. Language tutoring: Students with language skills can work as tutors to help translate or teach languages.

However, it's essential for students to balance work and studies. There's a limit of 20 hours per week for working during the semester to maintain their student status. Exceeding these limits might negatively impact their student status and residency permits. During semester breaks, students can work more hours, but they should be mindful of their overall workload.

Maintaining a focus on studies while balancing part-time work can be challenging but crucial for a successful academic journey.

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