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Helped refugees at Przemysl (Polish Ukrainian border) | Russia Ukraine Conflict


Date16 Mar 2022


New2Team visited Przemysl, a town near Polish Ukraine border to donate humanitarian goods to the refugees stuck at the border.

While returning to Germany, we also brought a family of 5 with us to Cottbus. This video describes the entire journey to the border and how thousands of people have left Ukraine after the war.

This video also helps us to know how all of us can be of help in the current situation.

All urgently needed goods can be found on this extensive list https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/...

Important: Please give information of the contents of the boxes in Ukrainian or Polish, so the helpers on the ground can easily sort them. Use google translator! If you want to take people back with you from the border, make sure the signs "x number of people to city XYZ" are also translated into Ukrainian.

Things you need to do when travelling to the Ukrainian border:

Take sufficient food for yourself and the people you are taking back with you. Make sure you always have some extra petrol with you in case the petrol stations close or there are longer queues than expected. Take at least two people with you who can drive the car, so you'll get enough time to rest.

The video of our 24 hour trip to the Ukrainian border, you will find here on our New2Germany Youtube Channel. (LINK) The Youtuber Palak Lakhani shot the video, supporter of this trip were New2 App, Chin Meyer https://chin-meyer.de Wolfram Richard Fleischhauer, the families Bronewski und Ottenbruch and the company Fröhlich Bau Kran (f-kran.de) which provided the cars and the petrol.

If you want to accommodate refugees you can find the ones still looking for a place to stay here https://www.unterkunft-ukraine.de

For any further questions please contact us at [email protected]